Asia Publication Culture & Information Center

Asia Publication Culture & Information Center that is a heart of the Bookcity is a large-scaled complex culture space with total floor area of 200,962 square feet (Underground 1F, overground 5 Floors)

Asia Publication Culture & Information Center that was designed by architect Kim, Byeong-Yun who was selected through prized design competition on October, 2000 is a building in which harmony between architecture and surrounding environment stands out and It won Kim, Su-Geun architectural culture prize in 2004.

Building location extended from Simhaksan foot to reed creek commands underwater city and ground urban view extensively depending on viewing angle and building exterior comprising red weatherproof steel plate, exposed concrete and wood provides natural seasonal beauty.

In addition, reed creek where building is floated is a matrix of Paju Bookcity and it quietly reflects idea of eco-friendly book village.

Asia Publication Culture & Information Center is complex culture space furnished with large-scaled training facility and accommodation facility and cultural space. At Multipurpose Hall fully furnished with simultaneous interpretation facility, Event Hall where performance, exhibition could be directed in diversified ways and grand Conference Room with 250 seats, large-scaled exhibition and event as well as global scaled symposium could be held. Forest of Wisdom of which inside wall was created with bookshelf in 2014 is open styled reading culture space where valuable books are collected, preserved and protected and anybody can enjoy reading it.

In addition, Courtyard, Asia Square, Water Garden created at outdoor of building are utilized as beautiful outdoor performing theater and resting space under backdrop of mountain and city.

Besides, Asia Publication Culture & Information Center is extending its function continuously while performing a function as culture center by attracting culture space like used bookshop, exhibition hall, book café and convenience facility like bank, restaurant.

Symbol of Center
(separate house of Kim, Dong-Soo’s)

At a corner of Asia Publication Culture & Information Center, there is a Korean traditional house giving a feeling somewhat heterogeneous from main building.

This is a separate house of Kim, Dong-Soo moved from Jungeub, Jeollado on June, 2000 and it is a coordinate axis reviving meaning of original place name called ‘Moonbal’ in reed wilderness as a spiritual symbol of time keeper while watching birth and growth of the Bookcity.

By carefully arranging users of Asia Publication Culture & Information Center to watch Korean traditional house while moving internal common space, future harmony in which traditional value and modern sense are interacted was pursued.